Travel to and allover Príncipe Island. With Hotel Rural Abade.

At Hotel Rural Abade we offer excursions all over Príncipe, with our own experienced guides. By foot, by boat or by car. Enjoy rural life, enjoy real hiking, real nature, real people. With our own partner agency Principetours we will also be happy to take organize your arrival, transfers or any other wishes.

Hotel Rural Abade offers

Unique traditions

Culture with influences from Cape Verde, Congo, Portugal.

Nature travel

Hiking, bird watching, whale watching and more on Príncipe.

Príncipe expeditions

Expeditions all over Príncipe Island, with Hotel Rural Abade.

Príncipe people

Get to know the friendly people of Príncipe with Hotel Abade.

Airport transfer

Transfer to/from Príncipe airport included with any booking.

Einstein’s marks

It's here: Einstein’s theory of relativity was proven on Príncipe!

Tropical beaches

Beaches of such a beauty, you have to see by yourself to believe.

Auto de Floripes

The traditional Auto de Floripes theatre-dance of Príncipe Island.

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